Meet Merv Episode 1 now Available!

Meet Merv Episode 1 now Available! Meet Merv is ready to give you some good laughs.
In this old school – comedy –shooter-platform you control a funny character, (Merv) who tries to survive a horde of maniac bimbos, mutated ho’s ,deadly zombies and more hidden enemies, ready to kick your ass! An indie game, created by Animatic Vision. Enjoy!
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Release date! April 2011

Animatic Vision proudly presents the game Meet Merv! Meet Merv is a Comedy platform/shooter retro game, featuring crazy characters and funny situations! After 3 months of hard work, Meet Merv episode 1 will be availiable for download at April 2011! Log in to our forum and tell us your opinions, ideas and suggestions, to make Meet Merv a game to remember!

About "Meet Merv: Episode 1 Requiem for a Pimp"

Merv is a guy with a weird attitude, kinky tastes, wild instincs but with a good heart. "Meet merv games" is all about crazyness, taboos, sex humor and violence. In MEET MERV: Episode 1 - Requiem for a Pimp" merv gets into an outrageous situation from the moment he meets a blonde Ho.